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elephantelephant elephant right I’m the baddestdog out here having coached some of thebest quarterbacks in the NFL includingBen Roethlisberger Andrew Luck and acontender for this year’s Super Bowl MVPCam Newton Whitfield knows the physicalrequirements to succeed for quarterbackit does start from the ground up italways starts on the ground up a guythat can dance decently and probablyplay quarterback now you don’t have tobreak dance but you have to have somerhythm to yourself your feet have tounderstand and have a relationship witheach other what kind of instincts thatyou have there’s somebody threw afirecracker at your feet how long wouldit take for you to react to that couldyou navigate your way in and out oftrouble so feet are incredibly importantbecause every play starts with gettingthe ball and setting yourself up tothrow then it comes to your body in yourbody control do you always have controlof your body can you set yourself up Iwas going to throw there nope I’m gonnapull it back down and come back aroundlike that’s also another type ofathleticism then as we’re working up thechain then you’re talking about your armyou’re throwing on we’re in the deliverybusiness really as a quarterback.